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Goldrich Kest first entered the commercial and retail real estate markets in the 1980s, and has significantly expanded that presence since 2000. Today, our portfolio of commercial properties includes office buildings, retail centers, manufacturing hubs, and warehouses in 14 states.

As with our residential properties, we believe long-term relationships are the key to success in the commercial and retail world. Our diverse credit tenant base includes reputable corporations like Staples, LA Fitness, FedEx, Office Depot, Dial, Lowes, The Home Depot, Old Navy, DSW, Michaels, and many more. Our asset management approach places the client at the center of our strategic portfolio planning and implementation. Our focus and commitment has translated into an occupancy rate that consistently exceeds 95%.

Our expertise in the residential, commercial and retail markets gives GK a unique advantage in acquiring, developing, and managing mixed-use properties. In addition to our marinas, GK develops and manages major mixed-use apartment buildings like the 391-unit 255 Grand and the 611-unit Promenade Towers, which are located in booming downtown Los Angeles.

Mixed Use Locations in CA & Beyond

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